Hit the road granny.

Delia is eighty-eight years old, she has a husband twenty years her junior and has spent her life travelling around the world, ever since she emigrated from Italy to France when she was only six months old. Having come back for love, in the 60s she starts working in the textile industry. Soon her products start filling the shelves of European department stores, procuring her huge fortunes and making her one of the first female entrepreneurs of the pret a porter world. But Delia wants more and throws herself into high fashion, without understanding that perhaps the time has come even for her to stop.

64', HD; Italy 2011

with Delia Ubaldi, Alberto Chiarini, Gioietta di Prete, Klaus Voit and Duccio Chiarini    

directed by Duccio Chiarini

produced by Tommaso Arrighi for Mood Film and La Règle du Jeu           

script by Duccio Chiarini and Ottavia Madeddu

photography by Carlo Rinaldi

music by Alberto Becucci

Premiere at Venice Days, Spazio Aperto Biennale d'arte cinematografica di Venezia 2011

Public award at 52nd Festival dei popoli, Florence 2011

N.I.C.E. New Italian Cinema Events 2012

National Competition  Visioni Italiane 2012

Outside Competition Krakow 2012